The Big Show Inc.  

If you have trouble understanding our various misguided references
on the Big Show consult this handy show glossary.

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Bam-barded (bamboozeled & bombarded) Bam-barded (bamboozeled & retarded) Bum-boozeled (bamboozeled by a bum)
Boughten (Item from the store. Store bought) Shotten (Item obtained with a bullet.) Gotten (Obtained by a questionable nature)
Rota-tisserie (rotating rotisserie)  Micro-chasm (a very small fissure) Cracktivist (a crack pot activist)
Menard-u-ous (impossibly boring) Menardanous (impossibly arduous)  Carpool Tunnel Syndrome (ask Princess Di)
Income-pa-shit-ated (unable to afford sh#@) Poto-genic (Marybaker for someone who looks good on film) Urlackluster (Poor defense by the Bears)
Flow-able mortar (concrete instead of sand for sewer repairs) Bill-able mortar (Scott Power's plan to have citizens pay him for road repairs) Attempted mortar (the crime of being the only City in the State to require flowable mortar)
Dilapa-scape (the downtown landscape) Dilapa-sore (dilapidated downtown eyesores) Dilapery (the condition of being dilapidated)
Beer-o-crats  (thirsty bureaucrats ) Everfessant (forever bubbly ) Via-duck (if it quacks like a duck, don't fix it)
Crun-a-tic (half-crockpot, half- lunatic) The blackstroke (swimming in Walton Lake) UFBO (what Keith Jacobs saw at Remmers)
Guess-u-weather (Nat'l Weather Service) Anti-semantic (against good grammer)  Bullship (a crappy space-craft)
Astoundishing. (astonished amazement)  Conflu-ing (a confluence of something?) Severage package. (severance with leverage)
Raccuum. (A raccoon that sucks like a hoover) Introjectory (Interrupting w/ your opening remarks) Kook-cinich (Democrat hopeful)
Bunkered down (hunkered down mentality?) Cashino (Catfish Bend Cashino) Fully Miller-ed  (I've had plenty of beer)
Ex-crapolate (to project-out a crappy result) Articulent (well spoken, tender and delicious) Koo-doos (on a job well done)
Conci-edge (an edgy concierge I guess) Ray-road (you know the BNSF, Amtrak etc) Finching wedge (the golf club Rob Lowe used)
Ragito (Spanish slang for The Hawk-Eye) Rectal-fy  (back door way to handle bad things)  A crap circle. (a sewer version of a crop circle)
Atrociation  (an atrocity of epic proportions) Treacherating (treachery of epic proportions) Daylight Savior Time (set your crosses back)
Exhuberism  (very excited) Angio-plastic (heart procedure) Obliptical Sphincter (who knows)
Poo-nami (a tsunami of sewage) Cabintry (apparently cabinets Tommy-style) O-beast (obese)
Obfuriate (real mad at something hidden) Hither and yawn (here and sleepy) Ex-calculation (who knows)
Bye-ah-mee (Democrat O'bama) Pontius Powers (our City Attorney) Marabou (fluffy trim:)
Profaganda (when propaganda is profitable) Semi-Pro Bono (semi-free legal help) Ester-ick (*)
Cirque de Jerks (acrobatic idiots) Hyturbole (who the hell knows???) Venzu-wayla (home of Citgo gas)
Chicken Clinker's (overcooked nuggets) Manual compaction (what the City provides) Rush Limballs (popular talk-show host)
Egg-nostic (Your not sure if eggs exist) Snot-box (nose) Swafting (smells that slowly waft in the room)

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